I am Mr. Wang, a sales representative of Dandong City Yangguang Instrument Co.,Ltd. You can download the files and get in touch with me. I will be happy to answer your questions about: Problems of X-ray pipeline crawlers, γ-ray pipeline crawlers, X-ray detection machine and γ-ray detection machine. Wishing we could have a successful communicate.

Frequency Conversion Portable NDT X-ray Flaw Detector
1. An overall self-diagnosis for software and hardware after startup can effectively detect the failure component.
2. Strong anti-interference properties make our X-ray Equipment can also work with electric generator in the wild field.
3. Quickly and exactly set exposure parameters by manual button.
4. High voltage can be started delayed to make enough time for personnel evacuate.

Company Introduction
Dandong Yangguang Instrument Co.,Ltd (DDYG) is located in the attractive Sino-Korean boundary city---Dandong. Founded in December, 2003, DDYG is established from the original Dandong Radiation Group Company Nuclear Instrument Factory, which is the professional manufacturer of gamma radiographic equipment with its history of 20 years.The main products of DDYG include: Co-60 Gamma Radiographic Equipment, Ir-192 Gamma

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