Item Parameter
Range of Pipe Diameter Φ700mm—Φ1400mm
Max. Penetration (A3 Steel) 42mm
Tube(Cone) Max. Output Voltage 300Kv
Max. Output Current 3mA
Focal Size 1.0×2.5mm
Beam 360°×30°
Environment Temperature -40°~ 70°
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Energy Capacity of Battery 110V, 22Ah
Motor Power 250W Continuous
Delay before Exposure 24s
Exposure Time (can be timed outside pipe) 1~300s(Continuously Adjustable)
Crawling Ability Two-wheel drive:≤27°
Four-wheel drive(Manual):≤40°
Location Accuracy ±5mm
Crawling Distance 5Km
Crawling Speed 15m/min~18m/min
Turning Radius ≥7D
Total Weight 154.3Kg